Milo at the beach

Everywhere we go, I’m obsessed with the geological history. These low beach cliffs are “calcified sand dunes,” dunes that got rained on, cemented together, and are now being eroded again. I picked up a neat petrified sand tunnel of some ancient ocean creature and the customs officials in NZ let me keep it.

The post there declares that the life guard is on duty. “On Duty” is taken much more lightly here than in NY! Hey, it’s island life, people aren’t so up tight as at home.

Jeremiah had as much fun as Milo, throwing sticks into the water for the waves to fetch up back on shore. I think Jeremiah succeeded in teaching Milo to wait until the wave came close before pitching the stick.

Milo was a good sport about the occasional wave knocking him over, but Mommy and Daddy don’t like it when baby gets a face full of water, so we kept moving a bit higher up on the beach as the tide came in.

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