i love organics!

This morning the streets were decorated with “rubbish bins” neatly lined up on the curb. Friday must be pick up day in Merivale. The yellows are recyclables, and the greens are for “organics,” in the chemistry meaning of the word. Compostibles, we’d say.

When I saw this label on the green bin outside our apartment, I realized that somewhere in Christchurch there must be a massive composting facility with mounds of rich black compost….I just have to figure out how to get some, for some future garden which I’m sure I’ll have.

Snazzy compost-pick-up mobile, eh? There’s an automatic arm that comes down, grabs the bin, and quickly dumps it into the truck. The Kiwis seem to really have their act together when it comes to recycling.

4 thoughts on “i love organics!

  1. YEAH! I love ORGANICS too! Hope you find that composting facility with the rich black earth because we all know you will need to HAVE a garden.

  2. Hi Molly! I posted a picture on Facebook with flowers from your garden. Every time I look at them I think of you and smile. Rana

    • Glad to know the old homestead still has flowers blooming! It’s early spring here, with daffodils and rhododendrons, but it’s still way too chilly for zinnias. Happy birthday!

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