Cats live in wisteria

Cats live in wisteria….or at least that’s what Milo believes, because that’s where we always see the neighbor’s cat. One day during dinner the cat jumped on our window sill and peered into our living room, and Milo was absolutely smitten. He “talked” about it for days afterwards. “Gat!” is one of the few words he says, always pointing up at the vines, always on the lookout for a kitty sighting. This morning Cat happened to be sitting in the wisteria as we were getting into the car, so we got a nice long look at him. By the bye, the wisteria here is just starting to bloom, old venerable specimens that swath porches and trellises with droopy lavender blooms. Each time I see it I resolve to plant it at our house some day….far in the future.

4 thoughts on “Cats live in wisteria

  1. Make sure you know someone who can design for you are really sturdy deck or fence for it to climb on! It literally pulled the neighbors down! Love to all! Enjoying your dad here in Memphis….Your mom comes tomorrow.

    • Ah, good point. Now I wonder, where could I find an engineer for cheap…. Jeremiah’s always very nice about helping with garden building projects as long as I put a plan on paper before tucking in with the saw and hammer.

  2. I love Wisteria, the blooms and fragrance. What fun to watch Spring unfold online while the leaves fall and nights turn very chilly here. Ok the most fun is watching Spring unfold where you are truthfully 🙂 I enjoy Milo’s adventures especially because Gordy’s little girl Annabelle is so close to him in age and I see them doing and saying similar things 🙂 Ben and his wife live next to us and have a cat named Farley that Annabelle loves (I don’t think the feeling is mutual – he barely tolerates people). She looks for him whenever she visits and calls him Farey.

    • It’s great to have your kids and grandkids nearby! Watching other kids on the playground here I’ve been impressed at how predictable the developmental progression seems to be. If a kid is running with their arms out to the side for balance, there’s a good chance that he’s about the same age as Milo, who’s running about the same way. Annabelle’s talking more than Milo though, that’s got to be fun!

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