Flaming Azaleas

Hagley park (like central park) has a lovely botanical garden, and the azalea collection is in peak bloom right now. Forget the pinks and purples we’re used to at home, these are FLAMING azaleas with variety names like “Barbeque,” “Mimosa,” and “Chent Cream.” It makes up in a tiny part for the fall foliage colors we’re missing. I bumbled in circles around the azalea planting for quite some time. Good thing Milo was mellow, pending a nap time.

Milo my Plant Buddy was interested in the azaleas too, but mostly to pick the blossoms off….

Aren’t these delicious?

These buds look like lobster claws, don’t they?

Ummm. The insides of the petals are leopard-spotted. Very sexy I must say, if I can without scandalizing my parents.

5 thoughts on “Flaming Azaleas

    • yeah, I just have to remember that it’s only NZ’s equivalent of April, and not to expect too much warmth just yet. I got a heating pad for my seeds to help them germinate, so at least they’re toasty (hopefully not TOO toasty) warm. The nice thing about the cooler spring here is that the flowers seem to last a lot longer than at home.

  1. Those are beautiful azaleas. Very tropical looking. HD was selling some orange, yellow and red ones this spring. I had a little trouble getting used to orange and yellow ones, but I can see that they are lovely.

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