Smuggle that Budgie

While we’re on the Kiwi commercial kick, a friend sent us this one too.  Does it make you want to buy the ice cream?

Notice the use of the term “budgie smuggler towards the end of the commercial.”  My work colleagues got a good laugh at my expense over this one.

About a year ago we were planning a hiking trip into Lake Daniels with our British friends.  Emails were zinging back and forth, furiously debating the logistics of moving 7 children and 6 adults nine kilometers in to the lakeside hut.  Jeremiah and I sat down one evening to sort out the day’s communication and realized that, despite allegedly speaking the same language, we couldn’t understand even one sentence of our friends’ banter.

The next day at work someone couldn’t understand my American accent, and I retorted that at least I wasn’t British–we couldn’t understand even their WRITTEN English.  “Like what?” they asked, with interest.  On the spot all that I could remember was a discussion of what kid personal items were important enough to schlep the distance, with reference to something about smuggling a budgie.  “I know a budgie is a parakeet,” I started, “but….” and trailed off as the office erupted in laughter.  Apparently a Budgie Smuggler is a Speedo.  Yup, imagine it.

3 thoughts on “Smuggle that Budgie

  1. That’s a new one on us too! Loved the add; never seen it before but we have often commented about how similar togs and underwear are and the seemingly inconsistent rules about both 🙂

  2. Lets think about this. If all it takes is a bus to drive by and obstruct the view of the beach, unless your in an olympic qualifying round or better for swimming, anyone wearing these in public should reconsider. Just a thought


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