Transported to winter


We have a family wedding to attend this week in NY, so we gritted our teeth and endured a 13 hour flight across the pacific. Turns out that the eventful part was yet to come. Ten minutes out of Los Angeles the crew smelled smoke and we made an emergency landing in a little regional airport. No drama really just 6 hours of waiting for a new plane.


Of course we missed our connecting flight in Washington, necessitating an overnight hotel stay. Might as well take a bath!




We bundled our babes up and headed out to play. Rosy cold cheeks--it's single digit cold.


The snowy world is almost colorless, muted greys, blacks and of course pure white


3 thoughts on “Transported to winter

  1. We have just been watching DVDs on Aircraft Crash Investigations. So glad your plane wasn’t one to join the series… Have a great time; it’s hot on Bribie Island – beautiful weather. We hope to go swimming in the sea again shortly. Love Teena

  2. It sounds like NY has given Mr. Milo special Happy Birthday fun! Hope you enjoy your stay with family and that your trip home is a bit less eventful! Big Happy Birthday hug Milo!

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