And she’s off!


A couple weeks ago we had one balance-biker and one pedal-biker. She’s been proficient on that balance bike for a year and a half, so that’s nothing particularly new. 


Milo has been getting more and more daring on his bike, trying the off-road route here underneath the cool volcanic rocks in Govenor’s Bay.


But then Naomi discovered a pedal bike at playcentre, hopped on, and wobbled off around the track.  Look at that grin–man, was she pleased with herself.  

Two weeks later, here she is, on a borrowed toy library bike:

There’s no stopping her now!

Well, unless she gets hungry, or tired, or for any other obstinate reason decides she’s not going to pedal.  Capability is all there, and usually the will there is too.

2 thoughts on “And she’s off!

  1. It’s in the genes Molly! She’s pretty awesome. 🙂 Love all of your pics and the news…couldn’t comment on your Monarch page for some reason but I thought it was wonderful. It’s great to be 71 and learning “new stuff” every day.

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