English is cruel

Milo wrote a sign for his bedroom door. See if you can interpret it. I needed help….


“Nobody is allowed in Milo’s bedroom, only Milo’s friends what includes Mom and Naomi”

It reads like those word puzzles my mom used to love: “C D B? E S CN me.” = See the bee?  He is seeing me.”

This one has the translation written beside it. Notice that the same words are spelled differently than they were on the last sign.  Crikey.  The poor boy. He didn’t get any good spelling genes from me.

The problem is with the English language.  Probably I’m just making excuses because I’m not a good speller either, but the deck does seem stacked against these poor English learners.  “Allowed” does sound like “a lad,” and “Include” does sound like “a clud.”  “Bejrum” is phonetically how we say bedroom.  I sometimes try to help him sound out a word while he’s reading, but really, logic doesn’t work so well when it comes to the patchwork language we call English.


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