A slight stubborn streak

We have about a tantrum a day with Naomi at this point. Often times it’s unpredictable what will set her off: Being made to do something she doesn’t want to do is the main theme, but 9 times out of 10 she’ll good-naturedly clear the car of her bric-a-brac after an outing, just not today. It was probably the fact that I told her she couldn’t come inside until she was carrying that purple sweater. Too much force, in her opinion.  It was an ultimatum, and I could see her jaw set. Thankfully we were home, so I went inside and made a batch of granola while she spent the next 45 minutes howling.

Some la-ti-da experts say you should never leave a kid to themselves when they tantrum, that you should stay where they can see you so they know you haven’t abandoned them. Hum, hope that’s working out for them. Needless to say, I don’t ascribe to that belief. I checked on her from time to time, but it’s not like I couldn’t hear exactly where she was. As could the neighbors. And their neighbors.

It really wasn’t short sleeve weather so she eventually decided to come inside and bang the broom on the door in consternation. Without the purple sweater, I might add. I guess she won that one. Milo came home, wanted a snack, and that little change of subject seemed to snap her out of it. She was giggling just a minute after his entrance, plotting peanut butter on banana with chocolate sprinkles.

I guess I understand to some degree.  I hate to be pushed around as well.  Nothing makes my hackles rise as much as someone lording their authority over me unnecessarily.  Eventually she’ll realize that being asked to pick up her sweater (asked nicely, I might add) doesn’t really require 45 minutes of high energy protestations–save that energy for more important battles.

Jeremiah was gracious enough to pronounce that she’s just like me.

3 thoughts on “A slight stubborn streak

  1. Very cute post with your mom’s take – but, of course, Jeremiah’s pronouncement brought the biggest chuckle! (p.s. – Interesting to read about NZed’s new animals as sentient beings law. Will Jeremiah have to close his eyes the next time he takes aim at a wild critter?!)

  2. Heh, there’s two Marias commenting now! I’m the Invercargill one 🙂

    I, too, had a little chuckle and a semblance of recognition of my own child, I’ll let you guess which one ;). (Shouldn’t be a hard guess, really.) The other day, I don’t even remember any more what it was she melted down over, but she laid on the floor of the living room and refused to stand up. I wanted to vacuum. But because she just kept laying there, I ended up vacuuming around her – and even through vacuuming, she kept laying down.

    Eventually, I returned to the kitchen, washed the dishes, made some food. I think she’d forgotten what it was she was laying down over (it’d been over fifteen minutes already), because when I asked her if she wanted a sandwich she just, plain, stood up from the floor and came in the kitchen with a smile, saying “YES!”

    Jeremiah’s gracious comment, though… yeah.

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