Four Year Old Week

Kids sure love their birthdays. Naomi turned 4 on Thursday, and she started her day out with a new pink bath robe from Omi and Abi. It’s a pink puppy robe, and she matches her pink puppy….so very wonderfully PINK!

Technically a kid only has one day a year where it’s their birthday, but they way calendars work, it often becomes a birthday WEEK. Her birthday celebration at preschool was the day before her birthday. We did a marathon of kid activities on her actually birthday. And her birthday party is this weekend.  Not that any kid minds having their birthday extended….

I had her actual birthday off from work, and Milo is on school break right now, so in the morning we went to MegaAir. Sounds crazy, right? It is every bit as crazy as it sounds. It’s a ware-house sized building full of trampolines and bouncy stuff, like this foam cube pit. We believe in challenging our kids’ immune systems at every opportunity, and the kids need no extra encouragement to revel in the dried snot stew.

After our jumping we went to a cafe to consume some fat, sugar, and happiness, in the form of caramel slice and oreo cheesecake.

Then we jetted off to a theatrical rendition of The Ugly Duckling at the Court Theatre.

On the way over to swimming lessons we stopped at a fantastic school playground. I remember as a kid not understanding why grown-ups had so much trouble swinging on monkey bars….now I’m the one to be impressed with the kids’ agility. I can manage a pull-up or two, while they’re hooning gleefully around the jungle gym like baby orangutans.  She was so enthusiastic that she wore the skin off her palms.

The pink robe was donned again for fancy dinner attire. She wanted scrambled eggs and pizza for dinner, so I made breakfast pizza in an attempt to combine both. She wasn’t an enthusiastic fan, but she did like the pink octopus cake.

3 thoughts on “Four Year Old Week

  1. Immune systems are marvelous things! Really too complicated to understand. For me, at least. There may be a small cadre of immunologists who really get it. The picture of Naomi launching into the foam pit is great!

  2. Such a wonderful week & so many fun activities, food and friends! And 4 ALREADY! Where does time go? Have a wonderful next year all!

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