Drippy cold rain

It’s still raining in this confounded city, a cold relentless rain. I feel a ton of sympathy for the refugee families my parents know that move from somewhere in hot Africa to Chicago in the bitter winter, into dreary subsidized housing without cozy furnishings and boiling kettles. Today we replaced all the 40 watt light bulbs (“globes” here) with 100 watt bulbs and bought a cheap lamp…which we need to return because one of its two lights doesn’t work. So at least my wall hangings on the drab brown walls show up better. And I made a really fabulous squash quiche in our camping dishes (no baking pans in this apartment).

3 thoughts on “Drippy cold rain

  1. Sounds like our experience of northern Scotland. Repeat to yourself what you are thankful for, such as a roof over your head and a dry bed. Light and hot food are good too.

  2. It sounds like you are in March weather of NY-the dampness permeates everything. With the resourcefulness & love among you, Jeremiah & Milo (I consider Milo’s capabilities to divert attention from oneself a resource), one day you’ll look back on this as a blip on your etch-a-sketch of life. A quick prayer never hurts either. Good luck to Jeremiah on his first day at work (if my timing is remembered correctly-it is tomorrow 8/13-correct?)

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