Hurray for Christchurch City Libraries

It’s another cold snivelling rainy day, and I’m mighty thankful for the Christchurch city libraries, they’re sprinkled around the city and suburbs, havens of warmth and wifi. There are often little kids for Milo to watch, there are toys and a colorful kids section. We’re picking up our car today, and going to see a few more rental apartments. Jeremiah starts work tomorrow, so Molly is going to practice driving on the left.

4 thoughts on “Hurray for Christchurch City Libraries

  1. You get an A+ for finding the libraries right away-Enjoy! Look forward to hearing about Jeremiah’s first day. You’re getting a VW Golf Wagon-correct? Mark thought they did not make such a model because we could only find Jetta Wagons here. Enjoy that too-and be careful of those right hand turns. Talk about re-training the brain!

    • We did get a VW Golf wagon, turns out that car companies make a bunch of models that aren’t marketed in the states. Honda has a station wagon, so does Toyota and Nissan. Then there are the brands we don’t see at all in the states, like Peugot. We could send Mark our VW golf wagon when we’re finished with it….but the steering wheel is on the right and it doesn’t handle as nice as his little golf. I’m getting used to driving on the left, I think if I came back to the states now I’d be all kinds of messed up when it comes to driving!

  2. I’m glad you found the libraries, too. A library was always a “must have” requirement of any town we lived in. We spent many happy hours in the children’s room. Looks like Milo will do the same. Remember that you will soon be leaving winter for spring.

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