International banking blues

Lots of ways to get money from the US to NZ, but everyone wants a cut, be it 3.9%, or 1%, or 5% hidden in the exchange rate. Jeremiah has seemingly infinite patience figuring out the fine print and finding the best deal (not via the banks, of course). Molly is agonizing over setting up her paypal account with a NZ address (we don’t have a permanent one), linking it to our bank account here (we didn’t reset our password, so we’re locked out until Monday). Ay-yay-yay…yay-yay, yay-yay. And it’s a cloudy day today, to boot.

6 thoughts on “International banking blues

  1. Your scarves on the wall look nice. At some point, all of these initial details will be cleared up, one by one, and you will be more at home. You will be home, because where you and Jeremiah are living is home.

  2. Hey Jeremiah, sure am glad you got Molly outside in the beautiful weather Saturday & “got the stink blowed off her” for the day. She’s looks to be getting a little cranky!. Hope your work days are going well. Do you have true internet with emailing yet? Can you do any phone texting? Don’t want to try things & run up any of your (or my) charges.

    • We have real internet now until Friday, then when we move into our new house we’ll be back at the “waiting for a hookup” stage, probably for a week. But emailing is good anyway, it doesn’t take that much data so we can use our phone.

      How’s your knee doing? Did you decide to go to physical therapy?

      • Went to a chiropractor & after a brief adjustment, he referred me to a colleague who performs ART (soft tissue manipulation). Had 3 sessions with him, and I must say, I’ve been jogging with the dogs more & neither my knee nor my back have been bothering me. Amazing what they keep learning about how our bodies function!

  3. Miss you everyday! Hope you find a place, soon. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for doing the blog so we can be a part of your adventure.

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