No good very bad day.

I had a crappy crumby no good very bad day yesterday, culminating in having my wallet stolen from under my nose at the library. And it rained again to boot. But this morning we had a nice rainbow outside our window, which was cheerful, and must mean the sun still exists. Here’s hoping for a better day today. I’m going to take Milo to a play group to expend some energy, and luckily I had my license in my hand as my wallet was stolen, so I still have that (and my credit card!), and can legally drive and buy groceries.

6 thoughts on “No good very bad day.

  1. ACHH!-Molly, what a bummer. Bad enough your wallet gets stolen, but to get this impression of your new area & in the library no less! I hang my head in shame for all libraries, since we consider ourselves the bastion of safety for all ages and concerns. Are your emails still the same?

    • My emails are all the same, and actually most of my credit cards are too, and I still have my license, amazingly enough. A woman swiped the wallet with the cash while I was holding the “innards” with most of the cards and such while paying for a print job. I guess it’s a good reminder that libraries are public places, and I should keep a close eye on Milo himself when he runs around the stacks.

  2. I agree with Maria: I wouldn’t have expected that in the library. When my wallet was stolen on the subway in Chicago, it was a pain to replace everything. It’s a bad feeling. The rainbow is helpful! It is metaphorical on several levels.

  3. Buy yourself some good quality chocolate and have some tea. Then watch a funny youtube video. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to balance out the bad.

    • yeah, but I lost $50 with the wallet, so I don’t feel like I have any petty cash to work with. But Milo and I “burned some data” (you pay for internet by the MB here) and watched some sesame street yesterday.

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