Toby pays a visit

I hear a jingle in the kitchen as I’m sitting on the back step, using the quiet of Milo’s nap time to plan our weekend trip….no one is in the house as far as I know, but I’ve become jumpy since my wallet was stolen. Turns out this little dog was the culprit. His license tag declared that his name was Toby and his (or his owner’s) cell number was listed too. AND he had pooped on the kitchen floor. Milo wasn’t quite sure whether he liked Toby or was scared of Toby, but Toby was a friendly little fellow, and the cleaning lady from whom he had escaped came and collected him in short order. I hope he visits again, but that he remembers his toilet training.

3 thoughts on “Toby pays a visit

  1. oh so cute!!!! Milo does have that look like he is unsure abut him.

    I love reading your blog. And glad everyone is doing well. Pics of your new house soon I hope!!!

  2. He’s a cute little muttly, with a cute little boy. Somehow dogs always know to go to a house with a child in it. Instinctual I guess. Glad it all worked out.

  3. Molly and Jeremiah! Wow, I hadn’t tuned in since July 23rd, I had a lot to catch up on. WOW WOW WOW from Alaska to HI to NZ! You guys have seen so much. Back here we have been SPOILED by your garden. I think the garlic, celosia, and straw flowers are everyone at the LeRoux’s favorite things but we have also taken carrots, cabbage, peppers, beets, onions and other flowers. We are anxiously awaiting the Brussels sprouts and delicatas. Our garden is also doing really well, the best we have ever done. Miss you guys, hope brighter skies are on the way!

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