Diggin’ graves

Well no, not really graves, but the newly turned garden beds rather look like that, don’t they? And it got you to read the blog post, didn’t it?

I got myself a shovel, a new one instead of a second hand jobber, only to find out that shovels are sold blunt here. I bought a V shaped shovel (“spade”) but the metal edge is rounded. Store clerks look at me like I have 2 heads when I ask about getting them sharpened, and assure me that they still push into the soil. Well, yes, they do, but with a lot of extra effort. I finally found one old timer who said that lawnmower shops can sharpen it for me.

5 thoughts on “Diggin’ graves

  1. Yeah Molly, I can feel the adrenaline running through your post now that you are working in the earth again! Can’t wait to learn what new gardening challenges you’ll face, issues you’ll research & produce you’ll grow. Good luck!

  2. i agree with Maria! things are going to start shaping up now that you can get your hands dirty again. & we’re just winding down here! late blight is in full force so the tomatoes are done. Hot peppers are harvested and hot sauce is made, AND new to me this year, cabbage is processed and fermenting in the basement for sauerkraut! can’t wait to see your new zealand kiwi garden grow! that’s what your planting right?! 😉

    • Oh wow, I wondered if late blight was going to be devastating this year, it started early. I guess the beastly hot weather wasn’t enough to keep it in check all summer. Did the farmers manage it well, or did most of them loose tomatoes and potatoes too?

      P.S. I ordered vegetable seeds in bulk, so I have something like 10,000 spinach seeds coming. I just can’t go back to tiny little seed packets!

      • OK-your comment about 10,000 spinach seeds reminded me of a story my mom tells me about my Grandma (who was an awesome gardener -like you). Grandma always grew too much so she started handing out gift bags of produce to some of the poor little ladies going to church on Sundays. Soon she started receiving handmade things in return- from baked goods to house items. I still have a made in Russia quilt & pillow cover that Grandma received & stored, so it is still in perfect shape. Maybe a thought for you!

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