Playground manners

Sharing is easy when there are too slides! The playground is providing all kinds of practice at taking turns and using good manners for both kids. The little girl is Maggie, youngest daughter of Jennifer and Eric, Americans from Phoenix who live around the corner from us in Halswell. Jeremiah and Eric work in the same building, and the very first weekend we were at the new house they invited us over for a hot soup dinner (it’s winter here, remember). You’d think that here in a new country we’d be all about meeting Kiwis, but actually it’s really great to have American friends. It’s funny how comforting it is to complain about the high prices and crumby housing with someone who understands…..but we also do some constructive appreciation of good Kiwi things. Hum, let me think….. I’ll get back to you on the good things once I make a list.

3 thoughts on “Playground manners

  1. What a great picture! It reminds me of friends that my parents said I had (but don’t remember) when I was a young child. (I have seen those slides occasionally) Love that hat too.

  2. I love that picture too Molly. Glad you’re finding people to visit with, not that I’m surprised that you folks made acquaintances so quickly – you’re all such friendly, easy going, special people. NZ will grow on you. You’ll find the things about it you really like and when you return to the states, you’ll wonder why it isn’t done that way here. I still REALLY love Milo’s hat too- he looks very debonair!

  3. Love all your pictures Molly! It’s exciting for us on the other side of the world to see NZ the way you take pictures.They are awesome! Give Milo and extra hug for me…….

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