Plant pick-me-up

I finally found one thing that’s reasonably priced here, and it makes me HAPPY. Plants!
I stopped at Oderings Nursery with Milo this morning on my way to pick up a Trademe auction bookcase (of the cheap chipboard variety). The nursery stop was first so I could buy a cup of coffee there (they have a really neat cafe with plants growing on the walls) and get some cash back to pay for the bookshelf. Remember that cash-back trick you can do with a debit card in the states, but almost no one uses debit cards? They’re much more common here. I bought an overpriced cup of coffee, but it was apparently too early in the morning to have cash in the box to give me $10 back (yeah, whatever). That was Disappointing. But walking back into the greenhouses fixed the whole mood. They had primulas galore, and ranunculus, my favorites. They always remind me of lollypops and munchkins dancing. And we got the pleasant surprise that plants cost about the same here as they do in the states. We got a few, now we’ll need to get creative about how to house them….but we can do that.

1 thought on “Plant pick-me-up

  1. Yeah Molly – spring will be around the corner & your house will be awash with living color & edibles. Can’t wait to see your creations. Isn’t it fun to get out and explore the area? I’m really enjoying your postings. Thank you for doing this.

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