Canterbury Rugby union

1 thought on “Canterbury Rugby union

  1. Hi Jeremiah, glad you’re doing well too! You couldn’t have hiked in AK this past week either. Anchorage & the pass sustained winds of 131mph. Schools closed, events cancelled, trees down-nothing like it in decades. Here on the Kenai, we only got lots of rain-but the sandy soil took it all away rapidly.
    My sister played rugby in college. I used to cringe every time she got hit-both feet off the ground, butt in the air, flat on the back half the time. Those folks are a bit “bonkers”‘ I would venture to say. I in fact still have her rugby shirt – if you will pardon the language it says “Rugby players have leather balls” She got sent out of class for wearing there it one day.
    Hope all is well on your job. Enjoy the rest of your blustery, wintery, weekend. I leave for NY on Tues for 10 days. Heat will feel good-it’s 35 degrees here this morning.
    God bless .

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