Duck eggs and green sausage

Shaw’s don’t often wax poetic, but Jeremiah got pretty close while eating this quiche. This morning we went to the Christchurch farmers’ market and Jeremiah picked up a “second class dozen” (that means 10) duck eggs and Bobotie sausage (it’s green). This evening he whipped up a quiche that tasted great. Honestly I’m not a connoisseur of eggs, I couldn’t tell by taste that they were duck eggs. But we enjoyed them (and the food story) heartily at any rate!

4 thoughts on “Duck eggs and green sausage

  1. A quiche… very high class cooking Jeremiah! I’ll still never forget the seafood chowder you whipped up that one time at the beach vacation. Molly you’re also such a great cook. Can you mail us something? LOL

  2. I agree with Steve. When Molly & Jeremiah visit, one NEVER goes hungry! Between the items Jeremiah can catch & Molly can pick, even if dinner is scavenged or inventive, it is sure to be yummy! The dinner described here looks interesting. Hope it tasted great too! Is winter beginning to slowly wind down & the farmer’s market winding up, or is it a year round market?

    • Ooh, I know, green sounds very suspicious, but the lady selling it said it was spices (can’t remember which ones). Does make you wonder though, because the old fashioned way of making salami and dry sausages involves some sort of fermentation process….

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