Godley Head track

This weekend we drove out through Sumner to Godley Beach, a walking area managed by the Christchurch City Council. Driving through Sumner was dramatic itself–it’s got to be one of the ritziest suburbs of the city, but it was hard hit with the earthquakes. Some sections of road are edged by shipping containers to protect traffic from rocks and houses falling off the cliffs. One place we looked up and the houses were half there, half gone. The rock the port hills are made of is rather porous, old volcanic material, and some of the best houses with the amazing views on cliff edges didn’t fare too well.

The trail was officially closed following the Feb 2011 earthquake (for fear of falling rocks), but we followed all the other footprints around the sign and enjoyed a section of the track. We’ll come back later in October when it’s open.

These lambs think that they’re goats, climbing around on the cliff edges. Milo, of course, was delighted to see them. He thinks all animals say “baahhh!,” and here in NZ he’s almost correct.

Yes, the boys look great, but take a look at that red flowering bush on their left. It’s a GERANIUM. I guess it never gets that cold right here next to the ocean, and they grow as perennials. I’m going to rush out Monday morning bright and early and buy myself some bright red ivy geraniums for my flower boxes!

4 thoughts on “Godley Head track

  1. I have a large pot of geraniums that I put out in Spring and bring in as the temps fall 😦 yes they’re in for the winter already…I’d love to be able to plant them and let them grow as large as they’d like! And yes the boys do look quite hale and hearty 🙂 as well

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