Willowbank Critters

It’s school break (“holiday”) right now, so yesterday we went to Willowbank with our American friends that live in our neighborhood. Willowbank is like a nature preserve/petting zoo, and while you don’t actually pet the eels, the kids do feed them. They like minced meat, and they eat off spoons. Creepy!

“Willabie Wallaby Woo, and Elephant Sat on Sue!” That’s the Raffe song we enjoyed growing up. I didn’t know what a wallaby was, except for a nice rhyming word in a silly song. In real life they are just about as silly, sort of a cross between a giant squirrel and a kangaroo. The sign informed us that their babies live in their pouches for 5-11 months after they are born. Sounds like a massively stinky pouch to me!

Along with some New Zealand native animals and random neat exotic animals (lemurs, parrots, emus), one section of the preserve had farm animals. Milo got to practice his barnyard animal noises.

Milo was a bit tentative about touching the animals, but he knew just what to do with the tractor! Caty (holding Milo) is one of the American family who moved here less than a year ago.

Aw, the little guy is zonked out. That also meant Mama didn’t have to buy him ice cream like the other kids got (you can see Maggie with hers in the background).

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