Halswell Quarry walk

Milo and Mama went on a walk on Friday to the old Halswell Quarry where much of the stone of the famous Christchurch buildings (fallen down since the 2011 quakes) was mined. The track wandered up through a sheep pasture where Milo got to practice his Bahhing. Not sure what his plan was for that stick, but at least it did not get near a sheep.

4 thoughts on “Halswell Quarry walk

    • The hat is new to Milo, it’s actually from Susannah Reese, who made it for her kids but gave it to Milo before we left. It is cute! We seem to have lost the red knitted one I made….

      • Ooh, that’s too bad. I really liked that hat! But, hmm, Jeremiah didn’t, if I recall. Have you looked in the bottom of his sock drawer?

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