Babies at Birdlings Flat

Yesterday we went to Birdlings Flat, a pebbly beach about 30 minutes south of our house, with 3 other “Mums with kiddies.” Two are British moms and two of us are American, and we’ve all been in NZ less than a year. The beach was shrouded in chilly mist when we arrived, but the stones were still somehow getting some sun warmth so we warmed our buns on them until the breeze shifted the fog away. It was nice to chat, compare notes, and watch our kids squabble over rocks….as if there aren’t enough rocks on the beach!

Poke, poke, poke, driftwood is fun! Everyone came home with two eyes, amazingly enough.

Milo likes to throw rocks, of course, but at the beach he things they all need to get thrown into the waves because we did that one day months ago with Daddy. Mama got her exercise, up and down the beach!

5 thoughts on “Babies at Birdlings Flat

  1. Were there any little boys (besides Milo)? Looks like a lot of pink and lavender on the beach!

    Glad to see you getting together with other young moms.

    • The kiddy tally was 4 girls and 2 boys…but one of the boys was wearing an older sister’s purplish sweater. His mom and dad aren’t particular about those types of details. It WAS nice to get together with some other moms. I sent an email to two asking if anyone wanted to go along to the beach with Milo and me, and got three moms–what a deal!

  2. I agree with your mom, glad you’re meeting folks & getting out & about with them. I sure do wish Milo was here throwing “Skippers” all day long for Dingo & Velcro.

  3. Lovely photos! We just made it back from Oxford and miss all the Brits and their amazing kindness and hospitality. I’m sure you had a nice day. Hugs to you and Milo and Jeremiah. Thank you for blogging!

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