The Munted City

I thought I would provide a little update on the status of the city.  Within the CBD (central business district) a majority of the building have come down, though there are still many more in queue for the long reach excavator making its way through the city.  don’t expect much “city life” when you come and visit.

CBD looking Southwest before earthquakes, looks like a terrific city, give it a few years and it might be built back up.

the latest aerial photo of the CBD looking North, not much left to it. several more of the building will eventually be removed.


2 thoughts on “The Munted City

  1. Wow, yet another example of the extreme power nature has over anything man made. Looks like plenty of work to keep a structural man like Jeremiah busy.

  2. Wow! How sad for the people who live there; glad they have good people to get them rebuilt.
    I’m sure by now you’ve heard of how badly NYC, New Jersey in particular and several other East Coast cities were hit by “Sandy”. We were all prepared – as much as we could be – thankfully Sandy was nothing much more than a storm in our neck of the woods.
    We read and enjoy your blogs and love watching Milo grow. Thanks for sharing.

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