Playcenter pals

Milo paints with his new pal Aubrey at the Prebbleton playcenter, where paint on the floor is entirely permissible.

“Playcenter” is a NZ-style parent co-op that offers some child development classes and a place to bring your kids under 5 to let them play with other kids and make messes. Milo and I tried out the Prebbleton playcenter yesterday in the town next door because the Halswell playcenter is full, and we really liked it. The moms there were friendly and down-to-earth, unlike the Halwell playcenter where the mums in general were superior and self-congratulatory (“I just LOVE Playcenter, don’t you?” “We’re not just a playgroup, we’re educated parents training our children, did you read our website?”). Plus the Prebbleton playcenter has an adequate heating system, a serious plus. So we’ll be joining and going on Tuesday mornings.

4 thoughts on “Playcenter pals

  1. Milo looks like he’s a true artist with his long paint frock. I see a Pterodactyl flying a figure 8 pattern in his painting. (We used to LOVE to guess what the paintings were in story time with the preschool children).

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