Backyard splish splash

We are still potty training, the reason for the bare bum. Milo can anticipate when he’ll need to go, but although the allure of M&M’s is motivational, it doesn’t seem to trump the pleasure of peeing on other random things out in the yard such as the clothesline pole, the flower beds, or a thin spot in the grass. And he has the control of a dog–he can go a little in the potty but saves some to use on the flowers the next minute. Ah well, he’s still young, as they say. Any advice, Oh Sage Mothers?
On a brighter side, the flowers in my recycled pallet wood plant boxes have started to bloom, as you can see in the foreground.

4 thoughts on “Backyard splish splash

  1. Molly, you’re too much. You’ve started with the blackmail pictures, but you can’t even hold them back for a girlfriend one day because they’ve already been seen internationally. Can’t help you with the sage mother bit. Sounds like he’s just like Dingo (the control part)-who’ll have enough pee for every bush & tree during a full hour walk. Maybe Milo’s marking his territory??!!

  2. Maria is too funny!!!! Maybe putting cheerios in the toilet and have him aim for them. Some times it just takes them longer. Don’t worry too much it will come. He is so cute Bum and all. Love babies hineys.

  3. This is not from a sage mother, but something of a biological determinist. It’s all about spinal cord and nervous system myelination, in my opinion (without concrete evidence). You don’t have to teach a child to walk. They get there when the spinal cord is ready. The sacral portions controlling continence are further away from the brain than even the portions controlling the feet. He’ll get it. But since the M&M’s are so good, maybe he wouldn’t want me to say that. Of course M&M’s are fatty, and myelin is fatty, so maybe there is a cause and effect connection.

  4. Milo’s growing so fast. Nice you have all these wonderful photos to look back on. Our grandson responded really well to having a male role model when it came to getting him out of diapers. He wet his pants far less often, but did end up with an affinity for peeing outdoors (which may not be so bad with all your trekking). He still likes to pee on things in the toilet, like t-paper (which started with potty training), but I wouldn’t recommend putting anything food-like in there. We made up a little song years ago to help him remember ‘we don’t eat pee pee, we don’t eat poo poo, we don’t eat boogies, we don’t eat throw up.’

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