Packhorse hut walk

The Banks Penninsula, two ancient eroded volcanoes next to Christchurch, has an amazing network of hiking trails. This afternoon we chose a short walk up through sheep pastures to the Packhorse hut, built in 1916 in a saddle between the hills overlooking Lyttelton harbor. It’s amazing–30 minutes drive from our house in the city, 1 hour brisk walk, and a historic hut with mattresses, a wood stove, and only a $15 charge–you’d think the place would be full on a Saturday night. But there was nobody spending the night.

Peekaboo! The hut has a commanding view, and whether or not Milo appreciated the vista, he sure liked climbing the benches and peeping out the windows. The boxy thing next to the hut is the roof water collection tank.

Don’t worry Milo, we didn’t spend the night this time but we’ll be back. It’s so easy to get here that we could decide to go after work on Friday, grab our stuff, and be here in two hours. We might even be able to cajole another family with kids to hike up the hill and join us.

Jeremiah carried Milo up the hill, but he walked a bit on the way down, and was tickled pink to explore every cow pie he passed. Jeremiah’s not used to Milo’s pace, so he tried getting him to increase his focus by having him hang onto the hiking pole. It actually worked!

1 thought on “Packhorse hut walk

  1. Thanks for another adventure. Can’t help but think of Milo with big floppy ears in that hat. It gives his gait an extra bounce with each step. Fun, fun, fun.

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