Lest you think life’s all smiles and giggles…

Rebecca mentioned to me just this morning how smiley Milo is, which is by-and-large true. But typically I only take photos when he’s happy, which isn’t a particularly balanced way of portraying life. Then Milo and Daddy had a grand noisy battle of the wills (which Milo won) behind the closed bathroom door at teeth-brushing time, and I had a perfect chance to photograph that sad face, replete with toothpaste decor. And what was all the fuss about? He just wanted MAMA to brush those teeth.

1 thought on “Lest you think life’s all smiles and giggles…

  1. Mean old daddy making him brush his teeth! He’s still a cutie pie, Molly. With the sad eyes, tousled hair, runny nose and toothpaste smile, one just wants to hug him more. Do that now while he’s small, the hugging will get harder as he gets bigger (I imagine so will the tussles!) Go ahead and give Jeremiah a big hug TOO!

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