Over-the-toilet bathroom creation

A bit whimsical to call this jobber a “shelf,” so I guess it’s a “creation.” Oh good, maybe it counts as Art and I can get away with it being a bit eccentric. We have a tiny bathroom, and there doesn’t seem to be an over-the-toilet storage solution in all of New Zealand. You know, those flimsy shelves that you can get for $75 at Walmart? And lumber here is crazy expensive, so I found two old wooden chairs on Trademe for $1 and bought used paint (can you believe it?) at the second hand store for $4, new screws at the hardware store (you don’t want to know the cost) and cobbled together a solution. It’ll hold up the towels and toothpaste.

5 thoughts on “Over-the-toilet bathroom creation

  1. So creative you are. You can go into busy revamping stuff.I am always finding stuff along the road having big dreams of redoing. Gotta love Bostwicks auction when they put stuff out to the curb. Dean is always like why you bring that home. I say someday I am gonna sit and redo and sell.

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