Biker Dude

I came home yesterday to find Milo and Jeremiah in the back yard, Milo in the cutest most outrageous get-up ever. Who can beat a bright yellow and black bike, red shades, a blue sun hat, moccasins and NO PANTS for this little biker dude? He’s clutching his cell phone and mechanical pencil, all ready to help Daddy out building his sandbox.
I think God gave kids extra cuteness as a survival strategy. We have plenty of those parenting moments where if it was anyone but your own child bugging you, you’d punch them in the nose. This morning I retreated from the breakfast and sandwich-making mayhem to spend two minutes in the bathroom, on the toilet, all by myself. Then the door knob I thought was locked starts to jiggle and a cheeky little face peers around the edge. “Pee! Pee! Pee!” he announces. Then he wants to shove past me and see into the toilet, and have little pieces of toilet paper to wipe on his nose, then flutter into the potty, then he wants to brush his teeth….. I used to wonder at moms that would complain in exasperation that they just wanted to POOP by themselves, but I wonder no more.

2 thoughts on “Biker Dude

  1. Oh, yes that is motherhood for you and when you become a grandmother you start all over again. Can’t ever have piece in the bathroom. He is just so cool looking!!!

  2. Your post was hysterical! He’s the cutest little guy. I raised 9 kids and 2 grandkids…(have 10 grandkids in all…) I feel so fortunate to FINALLY have the bathroom to myself once in awhile now!
    Looks like we’re getting new neighbors? The SOLD sign is over the FOR SALE one.

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