Hunting Chamois

Heading off

I went out on a short overnight hunting trip with a mate from work. Mountain bikes made for a quick trip into our camp site.  a short 15 min. ride saved at least an hours walk.

hunting valley

We clambered up and down this valley all day looking for Chamois, couldn’t find a single one.  Eventually heard a Red Stag roaring way up the valley,  so we chased after him and saw the monstrous deer chasing some females.  sadly he got away… 


Chamois Buck

The Next morning we took a walk up the valley floor and ran into this Chamois buck, together Mark and I shot him.  A very Tasty meat, not very strong.  For those interested he measured 9 1/8″. We saved the hide and I will try making a rug out of him.  The ride out on the mountain bikes was a bit more work than coming in due to all of the extra weight in our packs, but definitely much better than walking.  


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