You know you’re old when…

I was recently complaining to a friend that a particular bar was too loud for a good girls’ night out–I couldn’t hear to hold a conversation.  She laughed, exclaiming “You know you’re old when…..”  After that I started to notice a few other tell-tail behaviors that might indicate that the aging process is well on its way.

You Know You’re Old When…

  • You complain the bar is too loud to hold a decent conversation
  • You fall asleep at the neighbor’s house watching rugby
  • You try to avoid squinting in the sun so you don’t get more eye-wrinkles
  • You start to sound like your mom (“Hungry?  Have an apple.  No?  Then you’re not that hungry.”)
  • You find it exciting to grocery shop, alone, without the kids.  Seriously.
  • You head to bed at 9 p.m. and consider 7 a.m. a lie-in
  • Your mental notes don’t work anymore, so your life is held together with written lists
  • You remember rotary dial phones but your kids do not know what a land-line is
  • The sesame street episodes you watched as a kid have big poofy 80’s style hair and leggings…and the latter are now back in style
  • You’re willing to pay ridiculous prices to shave ounces off hiking gear
  • Your partner denies that he’s getting old
  • People address you as “Mrs”
  • You remember the dawn of the internet
  • You have to ask your kids where they last saw your shoes
  • You get excited over an electric blanket pre-warming the sheets
Milo doesn't get an electric bed warmer, but Naomi does.

Milo doesn’t get an electric bed warmer, but Naomi does.





3 thoughts on “You know you’re old when…

  1. And when you start going from room to room to remember why you went to the first room,yikes. Milo & Naomi can’t get any more adorable!

  2. Ah, that’s not old age! That just comes from being an adult with a wealth of life experience, and being hard-working with a lot of responsibilities. (Graham)

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