Off to the beach


We are deep in the dirge of packing for a beach holiday, and this conversation about the Christmas dinner menu with Laura, our friend who will be joining us with her family, provided some much needed comic relief.

You would think I’d be good at packing by now–we’re on the move every three-day weekend and every Christmas these days.  But leaving for two weeks has the added bonus of being a major food juggle–using down the fridge contents at the precise meal that we leave, having packed school lunches and dinner for the car trip.  It was all becoming a bit too much for me, then Milo chimed in:

“WHY is this lolly pop so thick?”

“WHO makes all the rules?”

“WHO teaches the Spanish people how to speak?”

Those are the pleasantries….when he’s not busy terrorizing his sister or pushing my buttons.

Tomorrow is the last day of rest (i.e. work, my Zealandia job) for two weeks.  Beach and Christmas, here we come.


3 thoughts on “Off to the beach

  1. Bring it on! Toad jambalaya and all!
    I’ve got about 8 projects to do before you get here so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.
    See you all soon.

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