Social Isolation Day 24: solace in art

“I feel like I’m not actually achieving anything I’m supposed to, but kind of half-assing it,” my friend Carrie text yesterday. She’s trying to work from home, along with her husband, while her three young kids are also at home. Craziness.
I’m not trying to work from home like many women are right now, but Carrie’s text certainly struck a chord. I feel like I’m only half getting there for much of my life. Career, kids, marriage, and self-health….some people say you can have it all but I certainly haven’t figured out how. Now that the career has come to a grinding halt I suppose I could be the domestic queen, but I’m lacking the motivation.  TOTALLY lacking motivation.

When Carrie said “half ass-ing” it tickled me, so I thought I’d whack together an illustration of a half ass. I put a movie on for the kids and sat in the sunny dining room, bits of paper littering the carpet and a podcast playing. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a good crafty art session to lift my mood.

I’m REALLY thankful for our dining room. It’s this great octagon space sticking out into the garden, catching the sun all day and also handily near the heat pump and the kettle. It’s perfect for work, school, games and crafts. And it’s NOT in the same space as the TV, a double bonus.

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