Social Isolation Day 30: Home School and TGIF

The structure of having school is good for the kids, and I’m thankful for it.

I’ve been quite impressed with the skill of Naomi’s teachers, in particular.  They’ve set themselves up with an app called Class Dojo (a dojo is a friendly monster).  Promptly each morning the app delivers three or four lessons that consist of a video instruction by the teacher explaining an activity, clear instructions that a 7 year old can follow to do the activity relatively independently, and clear instructions on what to send back to the teacher.  Yesterday morning her teacher started by reading a book about a donkey who would only eat grass and as a consequence turned green all over.  Then she appeared in the video with a green wig and a green shirt, and said the same thing had happened to her, and she needed the kids’ help to turn her hair back to her normal color.  For their writing activity could they please list out 10 blondy-brown foods, including some healthy food as well as some treats, that they would recommend to her.  The kids were to read her their list as a video recording.  Later that day she shared some of the items the class had recommended, and commented on which ones she liked (no thank you to mustard!), and said the cure had worked.  Brilliant!

I’ve vaguely been aware based on what some other parents have commented that Naomi’s teachers are really top notch, but I don’t interact with them much, not doing the morning drop off and picking the kids up outside the school grounds.  It’s been a real privilege to see them in action.

In this math activity, Naomi measured various parts of her bear, herself, and her mother, listing them in a chart for comparison.

Jeremiah has set Milo up with a simple little computer (most of his school work is on an online platform), and he views it through the TV screen. Bathrobe is the normal attire–it usually goes to plain old undies as the day warms up.

Still, I’m glad it’s Friday.  These days I start the day with no real plans besides facilitating breakfast, wiping the counter, getting the kids started on home school lessons, feeding morning tea, wiping the counter again, more school, lunch and obligatory counter clearing, then perhaps more school….kind of a blur punctuated by lots of screeching.  I’m always surprised when 2:00 hits and I haven’t done any of the non-essential things I could enjoy doing at home.

I’d like play guitar (ok, develop calluses on my finger tips, really), do an on-line drawing classes, re-write my resume, or dust the cobwebs from the corners.  On the cobweb subject, I watched a spider pulling the silk from her spinnerets and dexterously wrapping a buzzing fly….so I’m in no hurry to get rid of the cobwebs.

On the weekend, I’ll start with that drawing lesson, to make sure it fits in.

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