Autumn/Spring delight

We’ve just passed the equinox, that egalitarian day where everyone on earth enjoys 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night. For us in the southern hemisphere, that means we’re heading into Autumn, while most of the world’s population is thinking about spring. Still, we have one corner of our garden that looks “springy” with our fall crocuses. I’m delighted by their brilliant yellow cheerfulness, as well as their resilience to grow through the fading osteospermums.

2 thoughts on “Autumn/Spring delight

  1. What a great yellow! Interesting that our crocuses and your co-occur even though the seasons are reversed. The purple ones at the Lab were planted directly into the lawn by a magic machine that lifts the turf and slips in bulbs. Intended for massive plantings, which are a great way to go!

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