Covid release

We’ve had a week of Covid, and now we’re released from isolation. The NZ rule is that you need to stay at home for 7 days after you started with symptoms, which means that Saturday was our release day. Naomi never did test positive, which makes us wonder if she’d already had it at some point and we didn’t realize it. The rest of us had the positive RAT tests to prove it.

It hasn’t been a horrible week. There has been a bit of extra squawking and we’re all relieved to be going back to work and school, but we survived.

Jeremiah felt the most crook of all of us, and I confess that I suspected him of having “man flu” and was low on sympathy. He remained a good sport on all the family Cluedo (Clue) games where we teased him about his brain fog. “I’m guessing Ms. Scarlet, in the Lounge, with the Dagger.” “Ms Scarlet…..Study…..what?”

I was cutting ginger the other night when I realized that I couldn’t smell it at all. I thought perhaps the scent had all leaked out…but of course I’ve just lost my sense of smell. Takes the excitement out of eating and drinking, but I guess I’m more likely than not to get it back, when my “olfactory nerve support cells” grow back after a month or two.

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