Delight of the day

A Delight of the Day.

This was an idea I heard on a podcast, and it resonated.  The idea is to think about one thing each day that you found delightful, and write it down.  Not practical.  Not wise.  Not necessary.  Just frivolously delightful.

I spend a lot of energy focusing on things that are anything but delightful, from worries about relationships to what I’m going to crank out for dinner tonight.  Reflecting on a moment of pleasure sounds good to me.

So here’s one:

The silky sheen of Naomi’s honey-golden hair, as I braid it before school, is Delightful.

Here’s another:

The sudden lift, swooping up from a steep rise in the mountain bike trail is Delightful. I took 3 rides down the mountain bike park this afternoon, and the tracks smelled like warm pine needles in the sun.

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