Delight of the day; mint green lichen

“Mom, can you help me get up this tree?”  Milo pointed at the lowest branch above his head, jumping and grabbing hold.

“Oh, you can get up there,” I say.  “Let me show you.”  I haven’t climbed a tree for several years now, but I used to be a spry tree climber.  I grabbed hold of the 10 inch diameter branch and hung upside down, pushing my knees up over.  I soon realized I was rusty in this technique, and it’s harder with a wide branch than the 3 inch ones I used to frequent.  I felt my hands slipping, imagined myself falling back first to the ground, and frantically re-positioned to kick the trunk and haul my torso up.  Phew.  “Just like that, Milo,” I said, standing and looking up the trunk.

Gazing up, I almost giggled in delight. Mint-green lichen, sporulating into the tree top with the blue sky beyond. Delight of the day.

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