Socially Isolated Day 10

Today I made a pumpkin bread, a recipe from a dear Owego friend (Barb!).  “Bread” is a bit of a euphemism; it’s truly a cake.

It’s not the first time I’ve made it in NZ, but it’s the first time since I’ve had my bundt pan, one of the items we shipped from the states.

There’s something infinitely more satisfying when this bread is baked in a bundt pan. I checked it at about an hour and it was close, but the next time I checked it it had puffed up nice and round, with the oozy middle bit splitting open the already baked crust. Just delightful.

1 thought on “Socially Isolated Day 10

  1. So glad you enjoyed your pumpkin bread! Steve and I sure miss you all! I am reminded of the fun, spontaneous times we had together playing games and eating delicious desserts, especially you pies!

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