Lockdown lazy

This lockdown is what I imagine retirement to be like.  I hated it for the first 3 weeks, but now my pace of life has slowed so much that the thought of heading out of the house for work every day sounds jarring.  The sunny days precede into sunny weeks, one after another, just the same as the last.  Winter will come eventually, I suppose, even in lock down, but maybe we’ll crank the heat and those days will be warm indoors too.  

I haven’t been in bed this late since the first week of lockdown, but I had a nasty cold that first week and was sleeping in big time.

When I’m back to work, when will I play Mastermind with Naomi, and tease Milo about his Maths? When will I draw and play guitar and go to the skate park and walk the slack line? I didn’t finish my drawing today, but nevermind, tomorrow is another day, and it’ll be just as expansively roomy as today.
….that is, until the bills need to be paid.

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