Socially Isolated: Day 15, cheating

I don’t think it’s lockdown cheating, really, to go to the skate park.  It’s not roped off after all, and the playground most certainly is. Still, there was almost no one else there….. My grandfather had a saying for these situations: “Don’t trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you.” We enjoyed the empty park, with the comforting knowledge that the full sun was going to kill all the germs we might shed onto that concrete anyway.

A little stilted and hesitant, perhaps, an adult concerned about cracking her knees on the concrete…..but the little swooping lift up the bottom of the bowl gets my vote for Delight of the Day.

If the kids chose a Delight today, I think it’d be these soap suds frothed up by the hose jet. They went giggling outdoors in their wet suits, shorts on top for some illogical reason.
I saw Naomi dash by with the dish soap, but decided the enjoyment they would get (and consequently the minutes of peace I’d savor) would be worth the squandering of that resource.


2 thoughts on “Socially Isolated: Day 15, cheating

  1. Or as the attorney would say – “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness!” 🙂 The expression on Milo’s face says it all.

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