Social Isolation: Day 17

Easter weekend.  I had originally planned to be in Murchison kayaking this weekend, and the weather is AWESOME.  Jeremiah is being chipper about a “staycation,” but I’m not feeling the excitement.  Still, better fine weather than wet, and we did have a nice day today.

We went over to the local domain and strung up my slack line between two trees, even brought over my speaker and played cool music.

The kids got into the action in their own way.

Money is a great motivator for Milo. Jeremiah told him he’d pay him $1 for every window he washed, provided it passed inspection. He spent an industrious 45 minutes wiping the windows while he worked out his projected fortune over the ensuing month.

We’ve seen several yards with tents up in them, so Jeremiah helped the kids set up their tent this afternoon, and they’ve just cozied up inside.

Aw, even to my hardened mother heart they are cute.

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