Changes afoot

I asked the kids to show me their school work when got home from work today and sitting next to Milo I kept noticing a peculiar smell.  I’m due for a shower, I know, but a quick snuffle under my arm and I was in the clear.  I began to sniff further afield.

I pressed my nose to Milo’s arm pit–there it was, the distinct smell of unwashed underarms.  I checked the other side. Nope, it wasn’t an anomaly.  He smelled on both sides!  My little 9-year-old squirt must be growing up!  “Smell me, smell me!”  Naomi never wants to be left out of the action.  But no, she was still sweet little kid, despite romping around and neglecting her school work all day.  She pouted.  “But I’m growing too, Mom!”

“Yes, dear, of course you are growing, you’re growing a lot….. but Milo just has a head start on being stinky.  You’re not missing out on a good thing…..  But getting smelly underarms isn’t a bad thing either,” I hastened to say, hoping Milo wasn’t going to feel self conscious. “It’s just part of growing up.”  Wow, I might want to practice this conversation when I feel a bit more on my game.

Oh, and speaking of changes, New Zealand is moving to Covid19 alert level 2 on Thursday.  That means almost all sections of the economy can open back up, but there are still significant safety precautions like limitations on numbers in gatherings, and distancing rules for busy social places like restaurants.  Most significantly for us, it means the kids will be back to school starting on Monday.

It’s been a hard season at home, but in many ways it’s been good too.  I’ve actually missed the kids the last two days when I’ve been at work.  Hopefully we can savor these last couple days in the home bubble before the business of life begins again.

1 thought on “Changes afoot

  1. Sigh, here in NY education is dead last at the end of phase 4. 3 regions in NY will be starting phase 1 friday. All camps are now closed. The kids are pawns in a frightening chess game……

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