49th day of Social Isolation

Today is the 49th day of Social Isolation.  When we awake tomorrow, it’ll be the 50th day since we started the covid19 lockdown, and we will be in alert Level 2, with a lot more businesses starting back up, and a lot less isolation.  We didn’t know how long the lock down would last when it started, otherwise it would have made a nice symmetrical advent calendar.

This is an epic curve that has been flattened.  Only time will tell if it’s been flat long enough to have gotten rid of the virus in NZ.

Total confirmed and probable cases over time

Molly’s emotional curve has been, shall we say, a bit more curvaceous. And I still have a job, so does Jeremiah, none of our family is currently ill….I can only imagine the roller coaster being ridden by many other people.

And now, for the delight of the day.  This was one of Milo’s school activities this week, and I found it so alluring. Naomi’s fairy is on the left, then Milo’s horned beetle in the middle, then my bumble bee. It’s like concentrating the detailed beauties of a garden and reforming them into something else beautiful. Like paper collage, if you start with something pretty it seems so much more likely to end up with a pleasing arrangement.  Ironically, my favorite flower, a brilliant magenta primrose with a yellow centre, didn’t fit into my bumble bee.  Next time I might need to do a butterfly.

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