Trot to the Pot

More than a year ago my sister Rebecca sent me words she wrote for kids book, for Emerson, our nephew. It was to be a potty training book. A hip-hop potty training book with animal characters….seemed like plenty of scope for fun illustrations!

I thought we’d be in plenty of time for the training period, but I underestimated the time it’d take to do the illustrations. He’s 2 and a half right now, so we’re done none too soon!

4 thoughts on “Trot to the Pot

  1. Molly, that’s a real charmer! Love it! Publish it! I’m going to be reciting it in my head several times a day for a while; maybe forever. I liked how you slipped the astilbe in there!

    • The rhyme is all Rebecca’s doing, I don’t have that gifting (I stuck to the illustrations). But I love Astilbes, my mom had a magenta one in her garden that I particularly liked. I have a few in my garden now but they didn’t like where they were living, so I moved them and hopefully they do better.

  2. Very cleverly done. You have a familiarity with Eric Carle drawings, I think. As a bookstore employee & former librarian, I would definitely recommend it to folks for their littles. Kudos to Rebecca & YOU!

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